Cocoa Temptation: Chocolates

Cocoa Temptation: Chocolates

Cocoa Temptation: Chocolates

Chocolate is a delicious food product made from Theobroma cocoa seeds, both roasted and landing. Everyone in the world is aware of the taste of chocolates; They can be manufactured in liquid and solid forms or can be used to flavor different dishes. チョコレートは当初、皇帝によって飲み物の形で摂取されました。

Less known facts on chocolates:

There are a lot of things that we don’t know about chocolates and that we are really ready to know. Here are some less known facts on this subject:

1. The word “chocolate” originates from the word aztec which is “xocoatl”, which refers to a bitter and spicy drink that the Aztecs used from cocoa beans.

2. White chocolates are in fact not chocolates, it is because they do not contain solid cocoa or chocolate alcohol, but as they generally constitute cocoa butter, they would be a chocolate product .

3. Cocoa was once used as a currency. As the Aztecs loved cocoa beans and appreciated them so high, they begin to use it as a currency at the height of their civilization.

4. The first chocolate bar was made in England in 1872 by Cadbury.

5. Chocolates are the only thing that has a special 93 ° F melting point which is just below the temperature of the human body. This is why chocolates so easily base on our language.

6. These are immediate mental stabilizers and increase your concentration, mental strength and memory.

7. It is up to 400 cocoa beans to make a chocolate book.

8. The largest chocolate bar in the world weighs approximately. 5,792 kg.

9. Chocolates are very dangerous for cats and dogs and can even lead them to death.

10. Chocolates are effective remedies with regard to cough.

Advantages and disadvantages of chocolates:

Dark chocolates are full of nutrients, they are made from cocoa seeds which are the best source of antioxidants on plants, and they also reduce the risk of heart disease in the body. There are much more advantages in consuming black chocolates as they protect the skin from the sun, work as high antioxidants, improve brain functions, increase HDL and protect LDL from oxidants, improve blood circulation, Reduce body fats, decrease the signs of aging, etc. Chocolates are generally used to show a symbol of affection to our loved ones, by offering them, because eating chocolates can give the same feeling as being in love.

In addition to being nutritious chocolates also have a negative side because they contain a large amount of sugar, saturated fats and are low in mineral vitamins. Excess chocolate consumption can cause dental caries, a high level of carbohydrates and calories in the body, etc. Black chocolates also contain a lot of sugar, but it is generally half of what milk chocolates contains.

Humans still loved chocolates from the moment he was invented; They have always had experiences with its taste and used it as flavoring ingredient. Although chocolates can have a tempting taste and can help you reduce the risk of diabetes and inflammation, but also contains a large amount of calories, fat and sugar, it should therefore be consumed only with moderation. You can buy chocolate in many online stores.

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