A Chocolate A Day Can Keep You Healthy

A Chocolate A Day Can Keep You Healthy

A Chocolate A Day Can Keep You Healthy

We largely think that eating dark chocolate is good for cardiovascular health. Some health and lifestyle experts, however, have stressed that there is no evidence for this fact. Recently, the British Journal of Nutrition has published a new study, which supports regular chocolate consumption. Before changing your diet to eat more chocolate and candy, you should understand that this study is published according to clinical observation and available data.

According to the new study, researchers from Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH), the University of South Australia, the University of Warwick Medical School and the University of Maine suggested that the consumption of a small Quantity of chocolate can help prevent insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. The study examined the data of 1,153 people between the 18 and 69 year olds. Insulin resistance is one of the very important factors determining the appearance of cardiovascular disease.

University researchers have proposed the hypothesis that chocolate can be useful for insulin sensitivity and liver enzymes. This study is carried out rigorously, noting the preferences of lifestyle and diet of participants. Tea and coffee consumption is also monitored. Tea and coffee contain polyphenol which is useful for accelerating the cardiometabolic effects of chocolate.

The academic invited to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Warwick, and the scientific director of the Department of Health of the Population of Lih, Professor Saverio Stranges, said that cocoa -based products can be suggested as recommendation food to improve cardio health and metabolism. However, he added that the results are simply the observatory and more robust trials based on evidence is necessary. He also pointed out that the natural cocoa product is entirely different from highly processed commercial chocolates.

Among those who participated in the study, 80% of individuals said they ate at least 24.8 g of chocolate every day. These people were active, young and had higher educational status than those who did not regularly eat chocolate. The main study of the study, Alkerwi of Dr. Ala, said that people who consumed chocolate had important socio -demographic profiles, better access to health and healthy lifestyles. これはまた、インスリンおよび肝臓のバイオマーカーに対する体の反応の重要な要因となる可能性があります.

Researchers have agreed that randomized control studies and additional observation research is necessary to really understand how chocolate is useful to reduce insulin resistance and prevent disorders related to cardiometabolism.

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