Coasta Rica’s Bribri Indians’ Secret to Long Life: Raw Cacao

Coasta Rica's Bribri Indians' Secret to Long Life: Raw Cacao

Coasta Rica’s Bribri Indians’ Secret to Long Life: Raw Cacao

Costa Rica Indians are among the longest people on earth. We spent time visiting the Bribri in the mountains of Talamanca. 彼らは、多くの現代の先住民のように、2つの世界の間に住んでいます. They wear modern clothes, live in modern houses and wear mobile phones. But they always adhere to the old ways when it comes to taking care of themselves. And one of the traditions they hold dear is the consumption of chocolate. YES! Chocolate is good for you! In fact, the BRIBRIs drink 5-6 cups of this rich and not sweet drink every day and they say that its powerful antioxidants are the secret of their longevity.

Visit the bribri in the hills in the south of Costa Rica and spend time with a 72 -year -old woman named Ophelia. Ophelia and her family have a finca, or a Costa Rican farm, where they allow cocoa plants to go wild. They do not use any chemicals, organic or other. When the red and yellow pods mature, they harvest the pods filled with cocoa beans and transport them to a large barn which is fresh and dark inside and covered with chocolate dust.

Imagine the aroma!

Enter the fragrant barn and you are welcomed with mats filled with dried cocoa beans, bags filled with white chocolate stuffed at the edge and ready for the market, and – my favorite part – small plateaus of cocoa cruds flavored with Things like things like things like things like things like things like things like things like things like coconut, cinnamon, vanilla, peppers, papaya, pineapple , almonds, hazelnuts or wild honey. The samples are free and larger, all natural, incredibly good for your bars are for sale.

Speak to Ophelia and she will tell you that she will not eat anything with conservatives and she never takes medication, but only relays what she can bring together in the tropical forest. She will also tell you that young people do not drink cocoa as old people do.


And then she will make you a cup of traditional hot chocolate. It will take a washer made from the molded raw bean paste and pitch it in powder and boil it in hot water for you. Drink it and taste its bitter richness. It is certainly not the cocoa that your mother had used. This drink is pure and dark and has tiny oily circles of cocoa butter floating on top. And it is full of healthy cardiac fats and cancer that precedes polyphenols.

So here is what I offer. Try replacing your morning coffee with a raw cocoa cup. This will give you a boost of caffeine similar to coffee, but without nervous feeling. This will also prevent you from being hungry and, because cocoa is full of B vitamins and other well-being chemicals, it will promote a general feeling of not working.

Here is my favorite cocoa hot drink recipe

Morning cocoa recipe

10 oz of water

2 tablespoons of raw cocoa

Generous sea salt pliers

A few drops of vanilla

Pinch of cinnamon

1 tablespoon of honey

Boil the water with cocoa and salt. Whisk with the fork or whisk. Let it boil for about 2 minutes (this will make sure the cocoa is melted)


Pour into your favorite cup, add honey and stir well


Raw chocolate, the secret of the bribri, can be bought in our family store supported at When you buy our pure and not transformed cocoa, it is sent to you directly from Panama. In addition, it was harvested by indigenous peoples living in distant jungles and buy it helps stop the cycle of poverty and creates a lasting income for people who generally live less than $ 2 a day.

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