Best Places to Find Female Bettas for Sale

Best Places to Find Female Bettas for Sale

Best Places to Find Female Bettas for Sale

Female Betta fish are valued among Betta fans around the world. Not only are they really beautiful, but they have the most amazing personality. Although some can be very excited and aggressive and enjoy being in their own tanks, some are very cold so they can live peacefully in student associations or community tanks with other female betta, other types of fish, or invertebrates. However, the success of community tanks mainly depends on the level of personality and tolerance of your women’s betta. If you consider women’s betta and look for the best place to find female betta for sale, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will briefly discuss some of the tips of Betta fish and a list of the top three places that you can find female betta fish for sale.

But, before we enter the ins and outs of finding female betta for sale, let’s discuss some key facts to help you keep your women happy and healthy. Unlike their male colleagues, women are usually no more than 2 ¼ inches, while adult male can be a maximum of 3 inches. A woman’s body color tends to be a little more dull than a man, and the tail is usually smaller too. Also, female betta has a shorter beard when compared to men.

Women should not be stored in a tank smaller than 3 gallons. They need adjustable heaters and declorination water. They prefer sponges or low flow filters. They also enjoy living plants or silk with many safe hiding places like Betta Cave. They must be fed a variety of diets consisting of premium pellets, living foods such as blood worms, daphnia or salt water shrimp. They do their best at water temperatures ranging from 78 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. The best is to clean their gravel at least once a week, replace 20% of their water every week, and change more (around 40%) every month. In addition, you must add Indian almond leaves to their water and watch their water parameters with a master test kit.

Now you understand how to make them happy, let’s discuss some good places to find female betta for sale. They are as follows:

Jazzy Bettas – This is a new site that serves smart Betta owners. This boutique site is suitable for clients in the US with private ranchers who are examined personally in Indonesia and abroad who are looking for beautiful females and male Betta are not what you see in your local fish shop. The breeders on this site are really careful about their fish and keep them in optimal living conditions. This breeder really cares about the genetics and health of their fish and wants them to live long and happy with their new new family. To start with this site, examine the available bettas, select one of the most like you, buy betta, receive invoices for transnshipping costs (based on your preference whether you prefer Fedex shipping 2-3 days or overnight), and in 1-2 Sunday, your fish arrives at your door.

TUCKY’s Bettas – This is another leading website that sells and Betta fish and shrimp transhibings from other countries. Like Jazzy Bettas, this site has a good variety of affordable prices. It also sells betta food, snails, and even nets. This site charges a separate amount for fish delivery and transportation that ranges from $ 25 and above, depending on the operator of the client’s choice. They are clearly a site that is worth trying.

Aquabid – This is a site used by breeders to auction their betta. Unlike the other sites mentioned above, you must personally check every breeder and may or may not be thinned. It might be difficult to find your perfect betta, because this site is not easily navigated, and it is difficult to see the betta available in one place.

LIVEAQUARIA, where the pet, EBAY, Bettas and Art, High Quality Betta Fish, and Rena Fish Shop are several other places to shop online for female betta fish.

In conclusion, it is not difficult to find female betta for sale, but you have to do it. Although we have registered some good places to help you find the next Betta Women, make sure you reach each site and understand their previous policies and procedures in relation to important problems such as shipping and return costs. Prayer (die at arrival).

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