Chocolate Is Not an Aphrodisiac

Chocolate Is Not an Aphrodisiac

Chocolate Is Not an Aphrodisiac

Since the myth has been going on for centuries, scientists have begun studying to see whether the claim is true. One of such studies in the Journal of Sexual Medicine wants to see whether women who eat chocolate for a certain period of time will be sexually aroused due to eating chocolate. They studied random groups consisting of about 163 adult women whose average age was 35. They divided them into two groups and did not find significant differences between the first group that had one portion of chocolate versus the second group which had three or more portions per day .

Most researchers have found two natural chemicals found in chocolate that should make it aphrodisiac are Tryptophan, serotonin building blocks and phenylethylamine, stimulants associated with amphetamine. Because they are in traces, they are not significant enough to turn blinks into sexual fire. If anyone claims to be the opposite it might be more psychological than physical.

Look closer to the myth under a microscope, if chocolate is truly aphrodisiac; it will be treated as medicine and …

… will come with a warning label.

… will make someone feel sexually aroused after eating it.

… will make someone feel strange, become very active or act as if they are tall.

… will be sold behind the table at the pharmacy.

… You must have a recipe.

… will be sold on the road as an illegal drug call “Aphrodisiac Permen”.

… will be advertised as a multivitamin or herbal medicine.

… prescribing medicine by many doctors and psychiatrists.

… will be sold in every additional food and health store as an energy amplifier.

… will be in every household medicine cabinet like Aspirin.

… will be mixed in a dish or served with many other foods such as seasoning salt.

… used to seduce or drugs that are not suspicious.

… will be addictive and people are absent on it and do anything other than being able to get it.

Now if you are still not sure that chocolate is not aphrodisiac out and makes you a few. When you eat it, think about this list and pay attention if anything applies to you. Many people, who find food, drinks, or medicines that enhance their mood will find ways to consume them regularly. They like the euphoria and happy buzz they get from him and feel it helps them live their lives. Right, there are many chocoholics but they will tell you that this is an extraordinary chocolate taste that makes them feel soft and not stimulate sexual at all.

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