How We Came to Know The Cadbury Flake

How We Came to Know The Cadbury Flake

How We Came to Know The Cadbury Flake

Cadbury Fake is one of the best British candy bars of all time and this classic British brown bar has been a favorite in England for almost a century. Since the first time was produced, Cadbury knew it would be a hit, and so much that they knew that they had to maintain their formulation as a secret secret, and therefore remained to this day.

This delicious chocolate blade was first developed in 1920 and was founded by an accident by a Cadbury employee. This smart employee noticed that when the advantages of the mold were drained, they fell into the flow and created chocolate peeling folded.

In 1930, every dream of children was realized, Cadbury began to produce a half-long piece of pieces distributed to ice cream sellers throughout England. The premise is that fragments can be placed at an angle of 45 degrees at the top of the ice cream cone, and this will be known as ice cream ’99 ‘. Although there are many different claims about where the name ’99’ originated, originally unknown, and some vendors now often call it incorrectly as ’99 with flake ‘.

“Only the most dirty and amazed chocolate, it tastes like chocolate that has never been felt before.”

Cadbury Flake has a long history of sensual advertisements. The above line was first used in 1959 and continued to be used for years. Cadbury marketing always sticks to their weapons and claims that advertising campaigns are about the sensual nature of eating chocolate.

Cadbury Flake Girls has included 1969 Miss World, Eva Rueber-Staier, who also starred in the eyes that love me, octopus, and only for your eyes. 歌手のジョスストーンも2008年にフレークガールでした。 In 2010 Cadbury finally pulled plug to the flakes. The new ad campaign is to focus on the “beauty and delicacy” of the bars of the flakes rather than the chocolate girls who surrender to chocolate. This new ad features Russian model Yulia Lobova in more than two hundred meters of yellow cloth. The cloth rotates around the beautiful model as a yellow dress, in the analogy of cadbury flakes.

Cadbury Flake has many variations.

In 2000 cadbury snowflake was launched. This chocolate bar is the 12.5 cm (five-inch) version of white-chocolate flakes wrapped in a layer of milk chocolate.

In 2003 and 2004 Cadbury launched three more variations of flakes. The first, in 2003, was a dipped flake, which like snowflakes was only 12.5cm long. eat.

The next variations in cadbury chips appeared in September 2004, when the moment of flakes was launched. This is a choice of boxes, with two layers, each containing 11 milk and white miniature flakes, with additional decoration. This chocolate has a different name such as heaven, excitement, obsession and reflection.

Cadbury introduces their own flake ice cream. This is a crispy biscuit cone filled with vanilla flavored ice cream, top with milk chocolate curls and of course milk chocolate flakes. This also comes strawberries. Also available is a 500ml soft vanilla ice cream, spread with small pieces of flakes.

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