How to Build a Glass Aquarium

How to Build a Glass Aquarium

How to Build a Glass Aquarium

Do you want to build a glass aquarium to keep fish or you want to get a reptile, you don’t need to damage the bank. In fact, it is very often cheaper to make your own than buy. When making your own, you can trust build and in turn, you can make improvements as needed with confidence.

Another benefit for making your own glass aquarium is that you can build your aquarium of whatever size you want. Instead of running from a pet shop to a pet store to find the perfect size to meet your needs, all you have to do is visit the glass supplier, cut the glass and then take it home and start working.

There are several very important factors that you want to consider about glass before you start. You need to know the different types of glass and this will help you identify the type of glass and thickness you need to complete your tank build with the highest standard, ensuring that you have something that will give you the year of use and pleasure to move forward.

First, you need to know what glass you should and you can’t buy. Yes there are different types and not all glass is the same. Temper glass should not be used, it is not strong enough, especially if you intend to keep the fish and you will fill the tank with water. You have to talk to suppliers, because you are looking for glass or glass sheet, which is much stronger. In addition, the glass will break into larger pieces if damaged, which can be useful when coming to clean together by making you and your family safe.

You will want to prepare all your equipment after you make a glass order. You will need five glass panels, bases and four sides, along with alcohol for cleaning and silicon. In addition, you will attract square ant clamps or heavy objects that will be able to withstand the side when dry. Like heavy crates or boxes, four of them.

Choose an open space where the tank will be able to stand and dry. This can take twenty -four to forty -eight hours and should not be disturbed, so the garage or workshop is ideal. If you work at home, any table as long as no one will need it for the next few days.

Remember that when you talk to your glass specialist, you want them to recommend the thickness of the glass based on what you will use for the tank. Furthermore, the side must be a little shorter to accommodate the thickness of the side glass. All four sides must be able to sit on the base comfortably easily.

Place the five cuts on the table. So the base in the middle and then all four sides around the edge. Now you can start working. This process should not be in a hurry, so set the time where you can work with glass and be careful to make sure you complete the project with the highest standard.

Clean the glass side with alcohol and give a few seconds to dry and then apply silicone. Silicon must fill the gap completely without air bubbles. Raise the side and hold it in place to ensure to meet your needs. Do the same with the other four sides, ensuring that they are all detained on the spot. Now the inside is to make sure when you fill it with water, the tank will not leak.

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