The Pacu Piranha? Or Merely Piranha’s Ugly Cousin?

The Pacu Piranha? Or Merely Piranha's Ugly Cousin?

The Pacu Piranha? Or Merely Piranha’s Ugly Cousin?

Pacu is often misinterpreted with piranha because they have the same features as color, general shape, etc. However, they are not the same. This article will begin with the equation/difference of each.


* They come from Subfamili Serrasalminae, who basically make them cousins.
* They are both freshwater fish
* They are usually found in the main river basin in South America.
* Both can be stored as pets in the aquarium of the house


1. Eating habits

Piranha is carnivores and most of them attach to small animals that live or close to water. They also snack in snails and plant life. Pacus is mostly herbivorous and usually attached to vegetables, seeds and nuts that fall in water. They also eat other fish when the mood attacks them.

2. teeth

Piranha has a very pointed sharp teeth that allow them to tear almost everything in seconds. Many also have underbite. Pacus on the other hand has a more straight square teeth. If in fact, they look like humans and are very strong. Their underbite is not as bad as Piranha, and in some cases they might even have overbite.

3. Size

Pacus is much bigger than Piranha after they grow completely. Adult pacus can reach up to 3 feet and weighs up to 50 pounds in the wild. Wild piranha usually grows to 12-15 inches and usually weighs no more than 7-8 pounds.

Pacus as a pet?

Having a run as a pet is possible but you must remember that the biggest challenge is its size. Contrary to what certain people say, Pacus is not limited by the size of the tank. They will grow to any size that is destined to grow. Aquarium Pacus has been known to reach 2-3 feet and 35-45 pounds. If you decide to bring a house as a pet and it becomes out of control, don’t throw it into the nearest river or lake. Conversely, visit the local pet shop to see if there are other things that can be done. They might be able to remove it from your hands or at least point you to someone who might want to accept it.

Another thing to remember is the cost of aquarium equipment. Pacus needs a lot of filtration power to keep their house clean. Some runway owners often have 2, even 3 filtering systems to deal with workloads.

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