How Do You Properly Maintain a Pet Piranha Tank?

How Do You Properly Maintain a Pet Piranha Tank?

How Do You Properly Maintain a Pet Piranha Tank?

Having a pet piranha is not just about establishing their home once and then forgetting it. There are more or less involved in maintaining Piranha tanks and I hope this article will give you the steps and guidance needed.

Although not too complicated, maintaining an aquarium does require a little effort on your side. Just feed your pet fish and watching them swimming will not be enough. It is important to monitor the state of the aquarium and your piranha every day/weekly. Below is a list of steps that will help you maintain your pet house correctly:

1. Chemistry water chemistry every week. Minimum, make sure the following level is maintained:

Temperature range – 73 ° F – 81 ° F
PH range – 5.5 – 7.0
Violence – 15 ° – 20 °

2. Oversee algae.

Algae are green moss that you sometimes see on the walls and aquarium decoration. One way to prevent algae is to introduce some algae eating into your tank. For example, plecos or snail. The alternative is to erode algae after developing, using simple algae erodes. (In fact, scratching your aquarium wall before algae appears is also a good step.)

3. Clean your filter component.

From time to time you have to clean the filter and components. However, it is important to note that not all components must be cleaned simultaneously. Over time, bacteria accumulate on the filter component and some bacteria are very important for your health. Most aquarists will recommend cleaning one component per week.

4. Changes in cleaning and common water.

Replace about 20% of water every week or more. You can do this by using aquarium vacuum, which allows you to suck the debris around the gravel and ornaments while removing water simultaneously. After about 20% of water has been removed, replace it with fresh tap water. Things that need to be considered:

a. Use a special bucket dedicated to your aquarium (ie: Don’t use a household bucket that you might use to clean the house. Staying chemicals can harm your piranha.

b. Make sure the new water is the same temperature that is already in your aquarium to avoid surprising and emphasize your piranha.

c. Add new water slowly (eg: 4-5 cups every 15 minutes or more).

This might seem complicated at first, but the more you do it, the faster and easier it becomes!

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