Tips for a long-lasting perfume so it doesn’t evaporate quickly when the weather is hot

Tips for a long-lasting perfume so it doesn't evaporate quickly when the weather is hot

For many people going outside is not complete without wearing perfume. Unfortunately, the weather in Indonesia is often hot, which makes the scent of perfume evaporate quickly. In order for the fragrance to last longer, there are ways you can do it. Owners of local perfume brand Carl & Claire also give tips on long-lasting perfume so that it can last all day.

In the Seller Story Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day Webinar some time ago, Nouva Puspita shared about her brand journey and various tips on wearing perfume. In order to last long, spraying fragrance starts with choosing the right area, namely around the pulse points.

Nouva reveals tips for long-lasting perfume is to wear it around the wrist and behind the ear that radiates body heat so that the fragrance is more fragrant.

The woman who pioneered the perfume business three years ago further advised her to avoid it from water and sunlight because it would evaporate the fragrance. In Indonesia, it is sometimes difficult to stay away from hot weather, especially if you have to do outdoor activities. Nouva also shared the trick.

「日光は香水の大敵ですので、例えば屋外で使用する場合、香水の持続時間は屋内で最大10時間、屋外で使用することができます。 half the time because it evaporates. The best method is layering. For example, we take a shower with the same scent and after it dries. we use body lotion with the same scent as well,” he said.

“Then before spraying it on the pulse points, we use petroleum jelly first so that the perfume sticks and lasts longer. For hot weather, add it to the fabric (clothing) because the skin can eat the heat from our bodies and the sun while the fabric doesn’t get too hot so can stick more,” advises Nouva on tips for long-lasting perfume in hot weather.

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